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Commercial & Industrial Utility Procurement

Reduce Your Utility Supply Cost by up to 15%

Fix your supply rate for up to 4 years to provide cost certainty for your business.

100% renewable sourced options available

How Does Utility Procurement Work?

Your utility bill is divided into two sections: Distribution and Supply. Distribution is the delivery of energy and is provided by the utilities. You have no choice who delivers your energy as it’s a natural monopoly. However, you do have the ability to choose who supplies/generates your electricity or natural gas if you live in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic. If you don’t choose a supplier, the utility places you on a variable rate that is often not the lowest rate available in the competitive market.

We Make Process Quick, Easy, and Efficient

Honeydew works with over 40 different energy suppliers to identify the lowest electricity and gas rates. We’ll show you term options ranging from 1 to 4 years and estimated savings based on your current rate. Before it comes time to renew, we’ll send you a reminder along with the best rate options at that time.

Quotes and analyses are quick, easy, and free. Just send us a bill and we take care of all the legwork. Feel free to start chatting through the website to get started.

Areas Offered: DC, Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Massachusettes, Connecticut, New York

Ready for the Best Commercial Rates for Electric and Natural Gas?


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