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Become a Property Management Superstar



As a Property Manager, do you:


want to create longterm budget surpluses?


want to avoid surprise regulatory fees and fines?


ever find it challenging to vet and adopt new technologies?


ever get lost in all the technicalities, nuances, options, and fine print when comparing multiple vendors?

Answer “yes” to any of these questions? We’re here to help.


Become a Property Management Superstar

Make Meaningful Building Improvement

We understand the challenges of being a property manager. You are the de facto Mayor and City Manager of a community with many responsibilities. There is only so much time in the day to deal with putting out fires, but your clients also expect you to make meaningful improvements to their buildings.

Increase Organizational Capacity Without Increasing Payroll

Honeydew helps increase the organizational capacity of your property management operation by doing the legwork of soliciting multiple proposals and provide expert financial analysis of your options. Because Honeydew is paid exclusively by its provider networks, this service doesn’t cost your organization a dime.

Manage Expectations and Over Deliver

Tenants and residents are becoming more sophisticated and more demanding. Adding Honeydew to your toolbox will help you impress your them with expert knowledge of government programs and new technologies.

Get Ahead of Regulatory Requirements

It’s a fact of human psychology that we get more emotional when we lose money versus gain money. The last thing you want is to explain to your Board why you are asking them to pay a massive fine for something you neglected to stay on top of it. Honeydew helps you get ahead of regulatory requirements so you can avoid these situations.

Take Advantage of Government Programs

Honeydew helps you take advantage of government programs, incentives, and financial products to make utility saving improvements to your property. This augments the operating margin of your budgets.

Enhance Your Value

Honeydew is happy to co-brand its proposals with your company’s logo to enhance the value you convey to your clientele.

Why Work With Us

Honeydew is happy to attend your board meeting presentations and help educate your board on technology and programs

If your SOP includes a formal RFP process, Honeydew has templates and resources that can be used to fast track the process.

Honeydew has a depth of expertise with local regulatory requirements and access to incentives

Wide network of energy service providers to offer comprehensive solutions and competitive bids. We don’t believe once size fits all, but rather can quickly identify what initiative will have the biggest positive impact on your community.

Offer unbiased comparison of offers and analyzing them with a common set of financial assumptions.

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