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Energy Benchmarking

It’s always good to be efficient. It’s the only way to do more with less. In addition to being good for your operations budget, states and municipalities are increasing requirements that your building is performing at high efficiency. The first step in determining your building’s efficiency is by tracking your utility use and comparing it to similar buildings.

Energy Benchmarking Compliance

Benchmarking is the reporting of utility data to the city, county, or state government. This data is recorded in the EPA’s EnergyStar Portfolio Manager software and includes information on electric, natural gas, and water for each type of space on your property. The software will then assign your building a score of between 1-100. A score of 1 means your property is in the bottom 1% efficiency of similar buildings and 100 means you are at the highest efficiency.

Beginning in 2021, DC will require buildings above 50,000 sq ft to have scores above DC’s median Energy Star score – currently at 64 for multifamily buildings. This threshold will lower to 25,000 sq ft in 2022 and 10,000 sq ft by 2025.

Work with Us!

Honeydew takes care of your benchmarking compliance soup to nuts. If you’ve never done it before, or simply looking for a new provider, Honeydew can step in seamlessly and provide expert management on this aspect of property management.


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