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Energy Audits

Take the first step in making your building more energy efficient

Evaluate and prioritize the best building energy efficient opportunities.

Purpose of Energy Audits

The primary goal of an energy audit is to diagnose how efficiently your building consumes energy. It may also be a requirement in your jurisdiction. For example, the District of Columbia sets forth strict reporting (benchmarking) and efficiency requirements in its Building Energy Performance Standards.

Energy audits must be tailored to the unique aspects of each building. This can be achieved by taking a comprehensive look at the building space, utility data, equipment specifications, and building records. After a comprehensive diagnosis, the auditing team can then prescribe projects with the quickest payback periods and best returns on your investment. Unsure where to start? Check out the descriptions below or contact a Honeydew representative with the form below.

Level 1 ASHRAE Energy Audit

This is a walk-through inspection where our team collects data on site and analyzes utility usage data to provide you with a list of Energy Conservation Measures (ECM’s). The corresponding report provides a summary of our findings and a prioritized list of ECM’s with the expected highest returns.

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Level 2 ASHRAE Energy Audit

A level 2 audit combines the scope of a level 1 audit with additional data collection, diagnostic testing, energy system modeling, a more detailed energy projection, and financial pro forma. This audit approaches the building holistically and therefore provides a wider range of ECM’s and how they impact one another from a systemic perspective.

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