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Building Owners

As a building owner, do you want…


to avoid government fines or fees for local ordinances, like mandatory benchmarking reporting?


your building to run as efficiently as possible?


to demonstrate to clients that you are doing your part in tackling global warming?


to avoid paying fees to expensive consultants that don’t deliver actionable results?

If you answer “Yes” to any of the statements above, then you’ve come to the right place.

Time to take your building’s operating performance to the next level.

How We Can Help You

Increase Profit Margin

Honeydew helps you take advantage of government programs, incentives, and financial products to make utility saving improvements to your property. This increases the operating profit margin.

No Upfront Expenses
& Positive Cash Flow

We know capital can be tight these days, so Honeydew helps you access financial resources that structure capital improvement projects to align income generated from solar projects to finance its cost, resulting in positive cash flow day one.

Utility Optimization

Often, significant savings can be realized through competitive sourcing of utility expenses and reviewing utility bill data to make sure the utilities have not been overcharging you or misclassifying your energy rates. Tap into Honeydew’s exclusive network of energy service providers to get the best offers on your utility supply.

Win Thrice with Solar

Implementing a solar energy system, or purchasing renewable energy through the grid, produces a triple win: Your business saves money, it demonstrates your organization’s commitment to a healthy environment, and you support local business and job creation. Honeydew provides unbiased comparison of offers and analyzing them with a common set of financial assumptions to maximize your win.

Increase Property Value

Reducing building management expenses increases the Net Operating Income (NOI) of a property, which can increase property value. Including a Honeydew proposal with a property prospectus can help facilitate a more valuable transaction.

Solve the Regulatory Puzzle

The regulatory environment in the DC, Maryland, Virginia area is rapidly changing. Honeydew will keep you informed of important changes so you can stay ahead of regulatory requirements and avoid costly fees and fines in addition to adding new revenue to your balance sheet.

Leverage New Technology

Honeydew not only provides access to new technologies in the market being offered across the country, but also shows how they can make sense for YOUR building.

Honeydew Solutions

Our building energy management solutions in NY, MA, NJ, VA, MD, DC.

LED Retrofit

Stormwater Management

Regulatory Compliance


What our clients are saying about our building energy management solutions and services.