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Commercial Solar

Increase Profits from Your Property

We can show you how to maximize your profits, reduce operating expenses by up to 30%

Focused on DC for smaller commercial projects

Benefits of Commercial Solar

Earn high rates of return on solar system investments

Earn passive income from commercial solar leases without any capital outlay

Pay a significantly lower rate for energy from Power Purchase Agreements without any upfront investment

Increase Energy Star Score above DC’s Median Score as required by DC DOEE’s BEPS Program

Reduces your carbon contributions

Increases Property Value

Take advantage of Federal ITC before it decreases to 10%

Earn income from Local Incentives: SRECs 

Honeydew Solar Competitive Bidding Program

Step 1

Submit your address and latest electric bill. Your Honeydew energy advisor will send out an RFP to our network of prequalified energy companies.

Step 2

Compare your bids side-by-side. We use a common set of assumptions in our financial analysis which allows you to make an apples-to-apples comparison.

Step 3

energy benchmarking service

Select the offer that best fits your requirements. We’ll act on your behalf to make sure the project is delivered in a timely & smooth fashion.


Commercial Solar Solutions

Rooftop Solar Canopies

These aluminum racking systems attach to the frame of your buildings to suspend solar panels above any obstructions on your roof, e.g., HVAC, window anchors, skylights, amenity space. This allows for an increase in system size potential and easier maintenance below your solar PV system without having to remove and reinstall the system for roof replacements

Areas Offered: DC

Commercial Power Purchase Agreements (PPA)

A solar company installs a solar energy system at $0 down on your roof. They’ll cover 100% of the installation and handle all maintenance efforts. Simply pay for the energy delivered to your building at a rate significantly below your utility rate. Your electric meter will spin backwards and your Pepco bill will be reduced.  At the end of the 20-year term, you have three options: (1) remove the system from your roof at no cost, (2) renew the agreement for another 5 years, or (3) take full ownership of the system and benefit from 100% of the energy generated.

Areas Offered: DC, Maryland, Virginia

Roof Leases

 A solar provider rents your roof space for a system for a 20-year term, selling the energy back to the grid through the Community Solar Program (bypassing your building’s meter). You may have the option of subscribing to the system on your roof. At the end of the 20-year term, you have three options: (1) remove the system from your roof at no cost, (2) renew the agreement for another 5 years, or (3) may take full ownership of the system, collect all incentives and profit from selling the excess energy to other buildings in the District.

Areas Offered: DC, Maryland, Virginia

Commercial Solar Power System Purchases

Invest directly in a solar energy system. This structure allows the system owner to take full advantage of the energy in addition to the federal and state incentives. 

Tax Credit 

The Federal Investment Tax Credit covers 26% of the total cost of the array. However, if your organization lacks sufficient tax liability, this figure will be reduced. HEA can offer some creative options for third parties to help you take advantage of this tax benefit.

Internal Rate of Return >20%

In DC, it is not uncommon to see internal rates of return at above 20% for a commercial solar project. Investors in direct purchases assume all risk in the DC SREC market, which can experience some volatility.


What Our Commercial Solar Clients Are Saying