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As a Condo/Coop/HOA Board Member, do you want:


more expertise and knowledge on utility savings programs and technology?


to know if a contractor is giving you a fair price on a big project?


to avoid regulatory compliance headaches and penalties?


find an effective way to lower association fees for many years?

Associations are Honeydew’s speciality. We have helped dozens deal with these concerns successfully and would be honored to earn your trust.

We Can Help You

Keep Association Fees Low

As a Board Member, one of your most important responsibilities is finding solutions to reduce association fees. Honeydew, named after the low hanging fruit, was designed to help you do that by accessing government programs and utility saving technologies.

Save Money by Saving the Environment

Residents, especially in the younger generations, are looking to you to help improve your community’s environmental impact. Thankfully we live in a time and place where this can be done in a way that also saves you money. Honeydew has the network and resources to make this process go smoothly and efficiently.

Avoid Regulatory Compliance Fines

It’s a fact of human psychology that we get more emotional when we lose money versus gaining money. The last thing you want is to explain to your Board why you are asking them to pay a massive fine for something you neglected to stay on top of it. Honeydew helps you get ahead of regulatory requirements so you can avoid these situations.

You Can Rely on Us to:

Provide expert advice in Board Meetings

Compare multiple offers using a common set of assumptions

Keep your community informed of utility related policies that could affect them

Educate the community about renewable energy, energy efficiency and other ways to reduce operational expenses


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