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Commercial Utility Auditing

80% of Utility Bills Contain Errors or Overcharges

These overcharges act like a hidden tax on your business or community. We dig through years of utility data and get your money back

How Does Business Utility Auditing Work?


80% of commercial utility invoices contain errors and overcharges. Honeydew Energy Advisors (HEA) with National Utility Refund (NUR) will search through years of data to remove erroneous charges along with obtaining money owed to you from billing errors over the last 3 years.


Additionally, we also use our network of service providers to competitively source better values and optimize level of service. For example, many waste service providers rake in millions of dollars each year from collecting dumpsters that are mostly empty.


For those who are billed incorrectly, the average savings is 7% annually. Rectifying this will lead to a big refund check and ongoing savings.


Our auditors use advanced software that make the audit a breeze. Simply provide us with logins on your utility accounts and we take care of the heavy lifting.

Areas Offered: Nationwide

Business Utility Auditing Case Studies

Foxhall East Condominium

Washington Gas and Pepco had been charging Foxhall East Condominium sales tax for years without anyone realizing that as a non-profit entity they were not subject to this tax. Honeydew noticed this immediately upon reviewing their utility bills, then filed all the paperwork to take the utilities to task. Three months later, Foxhall received a refund for over $30,000 dollars and is enjoying lower utility bills moving forward.

The Franciscan Monastery

In 2016, The Franciscan Monastery in Washington, DC submitted their bills to be audited through NUR’s program. Erroneous chargers were found and removed from their electric and gas bills, including $10,598 in taxes paid over the last 3 years when the Monastery was clearly a tax exempt entity. These chargers were refunded to the Monastery within 6 months of reporting them to Pepco and Washington Gas.

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