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Water Savings

Are your commercial properties getting hit with high water bills? The cost of water is rising faster than any other utility commodity. We help your community implement property upgrades that will both decrease your operating costs and increase the quality of life for your community.

Water Efficiency Solutions

Older water fixtures are leak prone and inefficient. In a large building, a toilet can run for months without anyone taking action to stop it- especially if your building has a single water meter. Replacing these older fixtures with more efficient appliances not only enhances the aesthetics, but it can also lead to water consumption being reduced by up to 50%. For multifamily buildings, we can facilitate submetering of units. This increase in accountability can lead to up to 25% decreased consumption and leaks or running toilets can be tracked and addressed much more quickly.

Stormwater Management Solutions

Bioretention Rain Gardens

These gardens use sandy soils, native shrubs, perennials, and flowers planted in a shallow recession. The benefits of such gardens are three fold. Firstly, they can retain 30% more water than lawns. Secondly, they filter out 80 – 90% more nutrients from stormwater before it becomes groundwater. And finally, they look beautiful!


Cisterns are underground water tanks. When it rains, they collect water. They are then integrated with the building’s plumbing system to provide greywater for flushing toilets, washing machines, and irrigation. They are important from an environmental perspective as they reduce potential sewer overflow events into our rivers. 

Green Roofs

This sophisticated improvement protects the roof membrane and uses engineered soil and plants. While it is possible to plant vegetables and flowers to enhance the amenities of a roof, most roof owners opt for low maintenance plants like succulents. DOEE offers a rebate equal to $10 to $25 per sqft for those who voluntarily want to install a green roof. However, owners should work with licensed professional structural engineers to ensure their building can handle the additional weightload of all that soil and retained water.

Solar Canopy Gutter Systems

Gutters can be rigged to both roof mounted and ground mounted solar canopies to channel water away from the sewer system, into your landscape and increase your property values.


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