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On the delightful evening of Saturday, March 2nd, following the culmination of this year’s very successful CAI Expo, we had the pleasure of hosting an unforgettable Happy Hour event. This gathering was our way of expressing heartfelt appreciation to our esteemed clients and attendees of the CAI Expo. The event turned out to be an incredible mix of fun, art, and memorable conversations, all thanks to our generous sponsors and every single participant who joined us in the celebration. As a token of our appreciation and to keep the memories of this fantastic evening alive, we are thrilled to share a link with all the photos taken at the event. Click here to relive the moments and spot yourself amidst the fun and festivities!

As the conference curtains drew to a close, the excitement spilled over into our Happy Hour at the Delegate, transforming it into a vibrant hub of entertainment and networking. The highlights of the evening were undoubtedly the casino night, featuring blackjack and roulette tables that brought out the high rollers in all of us, and the raffle with 20 lucky winners.

Adding to the energy was our DJ, who masterfully set the dance floor ablaze with tracks that got everyone grooving. The dance moves on display were nothing short of spectacular, making it a truly boogie-worthy night.

But it wasn’t just about the games and the dance floor. The event was graced by an incredibly talented artist who captivated everyone with live painting. Watching art come to life before our eyes added a unique and mesmerizing touch to the evening.

Above all, what made the night truly special were the conversations. The exchange of ideas, experiences, and laughter amongst old friends and new acquaintances underscored the essence of what the CAI Expo and our Happy Hour aimed to achieveā€”building connections that go beyond business.

A huge thank you to everyone who made it to the event, our sponsors for their unwavering support, and to all CAI Expo attendees. It was a night to remember, and we can’t wait to see you again next year for more engaging experiences and celebrations. Cheers to the connections made and the ones yet to be formed!