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Utility Savings at No Upfront Cost

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Electricity in BGE territory is expensive for businesses – LED retrofits can save thousands of dollars on your electric bill

Side by side comparison of older High Intensity Discharge incandescent lighting on left compared to LED lighting on right.

Older, outdated lighting looks like crap to your potential customers. On top of that, replacing ballasts and high ceiling lighting is a literal a pain in the neck.

Thankfully, we offer a turnkey solution to these problem. The LEDs we work with have a sleek, modern look and will make your shop, office, showroom, parking lot, or warehouse look great- all while crushing your electric bill. LED Lighting is twice as energy efficient as fluorescents and triple that of incandescent lighting. These savings can be used to provide $0 upfront, LED-as-a-Service lighting retrofits where you pay a fixed percentage of the money you save on electric. LED PAYS is cash positive day 1. Most of the lighting we recommended is warrantied 5 years, with expected lifetime of 7-10 years

Honeydew Energy Advisors have teamed up with certified BGE trade ally Intelligent Energy to offer best in class lighting solutions. Because we have direct relationships with many manufacturers and independently test the efficacy and durability of each fixture, we can beat the price of any other provider of comparable quality. Please fill out the form below to schedule a complementary site visit and savings analysis. A professional energy advisor is happy to perform an onsite savings analysis and answer any of your questions for no charge. Our geeks live and breath lighting, so get ready to learn something.