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Prince George’s County recently introduced its Energy Star and Green Leasing Program, offering rebates that can cover up to 100% of LED lighting upgrades. The goal of this program is to facilitate commercial buildings become Energy Star certified, helping them reduce energy consumption and saving money. Doing so will help the environment and reduce capacity congestion in the County’s electrical grid. Honeydew Energy Advisors is providing its clients a turnkey solution to accessing these funds, which can total up to $100,000 per building. What’s more, PEPCO Maryland will provide a 50% match, bringing the total award to $150,000.

To qualify, applicants must be:

  1. Physically located in PG County
  2. Building built after March 23rd, 2016
  3. Over 10,000 square feet OR at least 20 units for multi-tenant or multifamily building
  4. Be a customer of Pepco
  5. Conduct an ASHRAE Level II Energy Audit
  6. Apply for an Energy Star Certification, achieving a score of 75 or higher
  7. Commit to providing tenants with a Green Lease after termination of existing lease

Please fill out the form below to have one of our advisors prequalify your building for this program. Once we pre-qualify you, we can use these funds to pay for the energy audit. We can then put together a proposal to pay for an LED Lighting upgrade, that will be the least expensive way to get your building above the Energy Star 75 rating threshold. We will also suggest other low hanging fruit and provide a free template for a green lease.

This program has not been well publicized. However, once companies realize they can get $150,000 LED upgrade at no cost, we don’t expect these funds to last long. If you have an property in PG County, please reach out today and we’ll make this process super easy.