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Serving on the Board of a Condo, HOA or Co-op is an extremely important responsibility that can often feel thankless or under-appreciated. Too often the only time people notice your efforts is when someone has a complaint. At Honeydew, we work day in and day out with Board members and see first hand the positive impact made by selfless volunteers endeavoring to improve their community at the most local level. It is with this spirit that we are excited to announce a new program that will help you gain more accolades for all the hard work you and your Board contribute: Community Solar for Condos, HOAs, and Co-ops!

What is Community Solar?

In DC, Maryland and other Northeast states, utilities will allow building owners to connect the solar energy system directly to the grid, bypassing the meters located in the building. These solar energy systems essentially act as a local, renewable power plant, providing clean energy for the community to subscribe to.

Many Associations have already taken advantage of the lucrative roof leases by renting their roof space for a Community Solar array. If this is something you’re interested in, please reach out to us through the intake form below to see if your building qualifies.

Who are the offtakers for Community Solar?

Since the Community Solar system isn’t connected to any physical meters onsite, once the system is installed, it is necessary to find multiple offtakers who virtually subscribe to the Community Solar energy produced from the system. Any residents (single family homes or unit dwellings) within the state or District where the solar energy system is located can subscribe to Community Solar.

What are the benefits of Community Solar?

Community Solar subscriptions presents a triple win opportunity for condos, HOAs and co-ops in DC, Maryland, and other Northeast states:

  1. Unit owners can now access 100% renewable solar electricity generated directly from their or other local rooftops 
  2. The cost for this energy is set as a fixed, guaranteed discount of 10% lower than what the utility would otherwise charge
  3. The Association will receive a one time of payment of $50 for each member that signs up

**Residents can still choose a third-party energy supplier even if they’re subscribed to Community Solar.

What are the next steps to subscribe to Community Solar?

  1. Reach out to a Honeydew representative by filling our intake form below or emailing us directly at [email protected];
  2. Your Honeydew representative will send you a form for your Association to fill out and sign so that they can receive the one-time donation of $50 for each member that signs up;
  3. Honeydew will then generate a link for the Association to share with all residents in the building so anyone can sign up for the fixed 10% guaranteed discount on your electric bills.
  4. Start saving 10% on your electric bills moving forward while your Association benefits from a $50 donation per signup – yes, it’s that easy.

In summary, this program will help lower your neighbors electric bills and help fund Board initiatives, all while making your community much more sustainable and clean.