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OK, we are energy geeks and think this period of economic uncertainty is a great time to be focused on reducing your utility costs. However, we also acknowledge that most of our clientele are currently focused on something more important: keeping their people safe and healthy! That’s why we’re super excited to announce that our partner, Zerodraft Environmental is offering a crackerjack multifamily and commercial disinfection service for property all over DC, Maryland, and Virginia.

Here’s how they do it;

  • They use proven antiviral disinfectants from a major US manufacturer approved under the EPA’s Emerging Pathogens list (List N)
  • By using advanced electrostatic sprayers, which most cleaning companies do not have, they can cover large areas in your building much more quickly and more completely than spraying by hand
  • Their teams are trained to target areas of maximum risk, and will leave you with a disinfection checklist after completing every building to serve as documentation that your building has been treated.
  • They are cost-effective. Their aim is to be useful and helpful to our clients, while keeping their technicians working, not to take advantage of this horrible pandemic.    

You are already familiar with Zerodraft as a trusted and reliable energy efficiency contractor. Anticipating the oncoming pandemic the firm’s owners developed a plan several weeks ago to offer a service we knew would be relevant and needed by their customers. They investigated and purchased the most effective disinfectants as well as newly developed antimicrobial coating products. We researched and acquired state-of-the-art equipment before they sold out. We invested in training, procedures and safety.

The process takes very little time. For example, the four 6-story buildings pictured above took only 5 hours!

Zerodraft is fully insured with a trained and competent workforce are now FULLY ENGAGED in the fight to control the Coronavirus. If your interested, please reach to Honeydew through the website and we can coordinate for you.