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The New Washington Land Company Renewable Electric Procurement


Annual Energy Savings


Annual Maintenance Savings


Annual Tons of CO2 Reduced


The New Washington Land Company (TNWLC) is a progressive, forward thinking, and rapidly growing property management firm. Its clientele of condominium associations share similar values. After lackluster service from their previous energy broker, TNWLC turned to Honeydew Energy Advisors to help manage its next bulk electric and natural gas supply procurement. Its goals were twofold: save its clients’ money on their utility bills AND procure 100% renewable electricity through the grid.


Honeydew was able to aggregate 98 properties into a single electric supply agreement. It then drafted separate agreements that would coincide withe the main portfolio for a handful of other properties that would be eligible to enroll later in the year. Compared to its previous utility rate, TNWLC was able to save its clients nearly $3,000 per year while switching them from fossil fuel based electricity to 100% renewable offset electricity. This has led to a massive decrease in the firm’s carbon footprint- 8,886 fewer tons over the term of the supply agreement.