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Urban Investment Partners (UIP): Longfellow and Walter Reed


Annual Energy Savings


Annual Maintenance Savings


Annual Tons of CO2 Reduced


Longfellow apartments sit in the beautiful and historic Manor Park neighborhood. While it has a great roof for solar, the common area usage was not large enough to consume all the electricity that the array would produce. Additionally, the roof would likely need replacement or significant maintenance within the next five to ten years. The property is owned and managed by Urban Investment Parters (UIP), a rapidly growing DC based firm that specializes in improving properties through heavy lift strategies. UIP turned to Honeydew Energy Advisors to assist them in structuring both the physical asset and maximizing financial return of the project.


Honeydew combined the Longfellow site with the Walter Reed, another apartment building owned and managed by UIP. In addition to hosting a similar size PV array as Longfellow, Walter Reed could absorb the surplus electricity generated at its sister site. This allowed UIP to take advantage of the full retail electric rate savings and maximize its creation of DC SCRECs. 

Honeydew then coordinated the design and installation of a rooftop canopy system on each roof. This allows full maintenance access for any upcoming roofing projects. What’s more, the roofers will most likely appreciate the shade it provides them as they work! It also allowed more solar to be deployed around the cell tower located on the Walter Reed building. Check out the video below: